“Right there, in the space of a new tune, there’s a grasping for a vital connection with life”

It’s about navigating faith and reason, thought and instinct, sound and silence. Trying to hold a clear tune while departing from the written note.

Basically, it involves toying around with chord changes, looking for a melodic phrase here, a pattern there, and a pulse to give it life.

As jazz musicians we are not here to do what has already been done.

There is music here and a Blog Tour.

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A blog tour

Tue 08 Apr 2014

An unexpected turn

When I decided to take my material to friend and team-mate pianist Dirk Balthaus to discuss plans for a recording, the whole thing took an unexpected turn. The moment he […]

Wed 05 Mar 2014

First flight

The first one to leave the nest. Such a normal event, in line with the natural order of things. For a while, it left me unhinged. A strong reminder of […]

Sat 01 Mar 2014

Spring: 50 ways for makin' whoopee

It’s spring and nature calls. First breeze on bare arms. Senses shift. It’s easy to fall in love. Listen to one of my favourite jazz tunes for newfound love: “My […]


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"A very special voice, with a slightly smoky scratchiness, a warm quality,
without commercial posturing or entertainer gimmicks. A intimate, near personal statement. One of the most promising debuts in Jazz in recent times"
JazzPodium 014
"If you take this invitation you will discover a lot: A catchy, versatile voice , profound lyrics and first class arrangements. A journey that flashes by"
U. Kerkau NDR
" With this album the Dutch jazz vocalist and composer, Karen Vrijburg, should no longer be a stranger to the listener"
Mannheimer Morgen